What's your favorite magazine cover?Hi everyone! I’m starting an ongoing thread of everyone’s favorite magazine covers and would love to hear from you. Email me your favorite(s) wi…
Plus: an interview with my guy Ben Siordia a.k.a. Big Bean
Plus: Michael Jordan's hologram Sports Illustrated cover + C.J. Toledano's favorite collector's items and magazine covers
Andrew Kuo's favorite magazine covers, and more.
The book promo tour begins! The newsletter returns! More merch drops coming! A Q&A with Larry Luk
Also: a "Cover Story" x Linsanity tee and Matthew Vu's favorite magazine covers.
Also finally: a first look at an actual real copy of my book.
Also: Evan Auerbach a.k.a. the man behind UpNorthTrips talks about the origin story of his hip-hop archival brand, his upcoming book project, and his…
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